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Our shop in Dubai, UAE, is the place where you can buy inflatable boats, inflatable banana, inflatable flyfish, dollys, canopy and repair kit from Zebec, Korea.

Zebec has over 27 years of experience of making inflatable boats and accessories with self design.

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The materials used for all the products is of high quality and tested for the safety and security of human health and life.

Best Quality :We use only premium quality materials in every single Zebec item. Every component and accessory-stem to stern-is top grade.

Best Value Zebec items always cost less than any other inflatable of comparable quality and features. And when ours cost more, you are getting significantly better features and performance.

Best Performance Our items inflate tight and smooth as drumhead. They have incredible buoyancy and glide through water practically friction-free.

Best Business Advantage We always think about customer’s profits. Every possible effort will be made to insure the success of our business partners.

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Air Retention Test

The completed boat from assembly line is tested for air retention, indoors   and   outdoors,   for 72 hours.

Field Running Test

Whenever new Zebec boat comes in, our engineers always go to the river for real field test.

Zebec Engineer’s Buoyancy Test in a Sub-zero Temperature

In  addition  to  our laboratory tests, we perform a real test on all newly designed boats by actually taking people on the boats in the water to determine load capacity.