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marmoom ultraflex Uflex Tab Trims

Our shop in Dubai, UAE, is the place where you can buy the Uflex Tab Trims boat control system.

Trim tab description and features
    Improve fuel economy and passenger comfort with Uflex electromechanical trim tabs. Featuring electropolished stainless steel planes and low consumption, high speed, composite actuators, these tabs are built to last in the most demanding sea conditions. These tabs have been specifically designed for easy installation using a quick connect bracket-actuator, requiring only one small hole per tab through the transom. The patented transom mounting bracket encapsulates the wiring to ensure protection against any wiring damage. Uflex MT Trim tabs are available in 2 versions:
  • MTW systems with white actuators and brackets
  • MTB systems with black actuators and brackets

  • Hardened steel free wheeling ballscrew
  • EASYJOY: prompt and easy control with the innovative use of a Joystick
  • AUTO LINE-UP: automatic flap re-alignment function
  • Completely sealed and fully submersible tab actuators: maximum protection garanteed by dual seals and a rubber bellow
  • Snap-in system (PATENTED) with protected harness for an easy installation
  • Stainless steel ram and tabs
  • System requires no maintenance
  • Voltage:12V DC
  • Actuator total length (full closed): 11.8” (301 mm)
  • Waterproof: IP68 protection

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Trim tab accessories and parts

Control unit MT-EASYJOY
    part # 41849 Z
  • Compact control unit with Joystick (PATENTED).
  • Auto line-up function included (automatic flap re-alignment).
  • Wiring harness included.
  • 70 mm (2.76”) hole size



PART N°:41838U
DESCRIPTION :White actuators and brackets Volt:12V DC

PART N°:41842J
DESCRIPTION :Black actuators and brackets Volt:12V DC


Electropolished stainless steel planes.

 P99  41844 N   Pair of stainless
 steel tabs 9"x9"
 2.8 (6.2)
 P912  41845 R  Pair of stainless
 steel tabs 9"x12"
 3.6 (7.9)
 P1212  41846 T  Pair of stainless
 steel tabs 12"x12"
 4.6 (10.1)
 P1218  41847 V  Pair of stainless
 steel tabs 12"x18"
 6.7 (14.8)

Boat size VS Tab size
 LENGTH (m) 
 (length x width) 
 TAB SIZE (cm) 
 14' - 18'  4,5 - 5,5  9" x 9"  22,8 x 22,8
 16' - 25'  5,0 - 8,0  12" x 9"  30,5 x 22,8
 18' - 30'  5,5 - 9,0  12" x 12"  30,5 x 30,5
 26' - 36'  8,0 - 11,0  18" x 12"  45,7 x 30,5

These recommendations should be used as a general reference only. Final selection should be made with the assistance of a qualified installation technician.

Packaged MT trim tab system set

The prepackaged MT set includes 1 pair of actuators complete with brackets and 1 EASYJOY joystick.
The tabs are not included and sold separately: selected model has to be specified when ordering.

  • MODEL: MTW12 41854 S
  • DESCRIPTION: 2 white actuators 12VDC + 1 Easyjoy Joystick

  • MODEL: MTB12 41864 V
  • DESCRIPTION: 2 black actuators 12VDC + 1 Easyjoy Joystick